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C A R E S Peer Review Feedback Form Perhaps the most helpful tool in developing logical, readable drafts is a peer review session. Peer Review is effective for both the writer and the reviewer. Depending
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the chances are that you've encountered some form of peer review before either in your academic life or perhaps in a work or school context the reason for this is that peer review works and thus educators are keen to reap its benefits for their students if you've participated in peer review before you've probably witnessed these benefits firsthand in this video I'm going to talk about some of the reasons why peer review will make you a better writer but firstly I should explain what peer review is peer review involves some sort of evaluation of your work by people of a similar level or at a similar stage of their studies if you are new to peer review you might be asking yourself well what's in it for me what can I possibly get from feedback from someone who only knows as much or maybe even less about a topic than I do myself perhaps the idea of giving and receiving feedback from your peers is something that you feel uncomfortable about and another thing students I may also often worry about their own ability to provide useful feedback to their fellow students of course all these reactions are valid but receiving and responding to feedback from your peers can be invaluable to your own development as a writer yes your peers are probably not likely to be as experienced at giving feedback as your teachers but the more sets of eyes you can get on your own work and the more feedback from different perspectives the better sometimes we as writers are up so close and personal to our own writing that we can fail to see the wood for the trees in other words we might miss the bigger picture such as how the essay fits together as a whole because we are so focused on the details equally it's very easy to be blind to mistakes in our own texts mistakes that a second reader will pick up easily you should bear in mind though that a peer reviewer should not do the job of proof reader for you your text is your responsibility and if you proofread your own text carefully before handing it over your peer reviewer will find it much easier to comment on the text itself one of the trickiest things about writing is see our Tech's from the perspective of the audience since it's literally impossible to get outside of our own heads all language is about transmitting a message to a receiver and your peer reviewer can help you to evaluate how successful this process of transmission has been without the need for a brain transplant for instance your reviewer will help you to see if there are any parts of the text that don't make sense or if there's any terms that need to be more carefully defined peer review can also help provide the motivation that you need to get writing in the first place producing drafts for peer review is one way to keep writing projects on track writing can be a lonely activity sometimes but the peer review process can provide you with a ready-made support group there are other people out there who are going through...